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      At 9:30 AM, on Apr 28th 2017, GDTEX-HIKARI innovation platform of integrity supply chain the 25th innovation conference was hold in GDTEX Guangdong head office, GDTEX Shanghai office, GDTEX Cambodia office, Hikari assembly room, Dongyang Huaqiao assembly room, Shuanglongjian assembly room and Yancheng Shengyuan assembly room. The total attendance was around 400 people.

      The 25th session innovation conference venue in Guangzhou office

      The 25th session innovation conference venue in Shanghai office


      The 25th session innovation conference venue in Cambodia office


      The 25th session innovation conference venue in Hikari


      The 25th session innovation conference venue in Shuanglongjian


      The 25th session innovation conference venue in Dongyang Huaqiao


      The 25th session innovation conference venue in Yancheng Shengyuan


      The president of GDTEX Mr Ling, the general manager of GDTEX Mr Yang, the deputy general manager of GDTEX Ms Liu, the deputy general manager of GDTEX Mr Luo, the general manager assistant of GDTEX Ms Qiao and the GDTEX management team attended this conference. The guests participated in this conference were as follow: Hikari (shanghai) Precise Machinery Science & Technology Co,.LTD., Shuanglongjian Fashion Co., LTD., Yancheng Shengyuan Textile. Co. LTD., Dongyang Huaqiao Garment Corp., China-Chou Jeans Textile Co., LTD., GuangZhou XinTianJi Textiles Co.,LTD., Wentex Textiles Co., LTD., Beijing Chofn IP Co.,LTD Guangzhou Branch, Guangzhou WeiLai Garment CO.,LTD., Foshan Shunde Xinrunlian Textiles CO.,LTD., Guangzhou Jin Bang Clothing Co., LTD., Guangzhou Tommy Garment Textiles CO.,LTD., Zhongshan San Qiao Industrial Company Limited., Shanghai Yingtong Plastic Products Co., LTD., Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Division (Shanghai), Shanghai Intertek Technology Service Co., LTD., SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., LTD., Jurong Xin Li Yuan Garment Co., LTD., Shanghai Gold Buttons Trade Co., LTD., HangZhou?K&M?Textile?CO.,LTD., Changzhou Xinmu Garment Co., LTD., Yancheng Lifemax Textile. Co. LTD., Colour Apparel Garment (Cambodia) LTD., Shuanglongjian Fashion (Cambodia) Co., LTD., TOP FAME (CAMBODIA) GARMENT CO., LTD.,Wuxi YKK Technology Co., LTD., DNA Canada Co., LTD. ect.

      At the beginning, GDTEX president Mr Yang made an opening speech about his feeling of attending Target supplier meeting last week. He said American retail market suffered serious hardship this year than before which led to traditional retailers closed and small fast fashion company bankruptcy. However, Amazon occupied traditional retail market quickly with its booming business so that retail market experienced much more downturn pressure. In 2017, Target accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading by changing target customer groups, changing business strategies, improving customer experience, strengthening the differentiation construction from the retailers and enhancing communication with suppliers. In 2017, Target would put more focus on factories. Target required the suppliers had much close communication with their relevant departments in order to find better factories and expand the scope of cooperation. At the same time, Target expected their suppliers to increase investment to optimize production capacity by advance technology.

      The GDTEX general manager Mr Yang made an opening speech in the 25th session innovation conference


      When talked about the 25th session innovation activity, Mr Yang expressed the gratitude to the judgment team of innovation platform and spoke highly of the contribution of those who promoted the supplier chain innovation. In order to secure the innovation suggestions could be implemented, Mr Yang announced the adjustment of award payment for the winners in the 26th session innovation activity. The award payment would be paid based on the suggestion implementation schedule.

      The 25th innovation star award ceremony began after the speech of the guests and the head of each venues. The 25th session technology innovation star, management innovation star, service innovation star, execution innovation star, environmental protection innovation star, marketing innovation star and Wechat best popularity were awarded to the winners in each venues.

      The GDTEX president Mr Ling awarded the technology innovation star to GDTEX division Ⅱ& Guangzhou WeiLai Garment CO.,LTD

      The GDTEX president Mr Ling, the GDTEX deputy general manager Ms Liu, the GDTEX deputy general manager Mr Luo awarded the 25th session management innovation star to Beijing Chofn IP Co.,LTD. Guangzhou Branch Liu Xiao Ming(award recipient on behalf of Liu Xiao Ming), GDTEX HR department, GDTEX business administration department, GDTEX Chen Zhong Hui, GDTEX service center and GDTEX division V

      The GDTEX general manager Mr Yang and the GDTEX general manager assistant Ms Qiao awarded the 25th session service innovation star to GDTEX key account division Admin department, GDTEX Yu Shan Shan, GDTEX operation support center, GDTEX network center

      The GDTEX divisionⅧ general manager Ms Huang awarded the 25th session service star to HangZhou?K&M?Textile?CO., LTD., key account division fabric department inspecting team and Liu Nan

      The GDTEX general manager Mr Yang and the SSI CEO awarded the 25th session marketing star to Guangdong G_GIULINI Fashion Garments CO.,LTD. marketing department, GDTEX division Ⅰ NKD team and GDTEX Ma Bing Bing(award recipient on behalf of Ma Bing Bing)


      Each winner shared their suggestions and acceptance speech. The acceptance speech from Beijing Chofn IP Co.,LTD Guangzhou Branch Liu Xiao Ming impressed the audiences most. He said he had deeper understanding about GDTEX brands after joined the GDTEX supplier meeting last year and felt that GDTEX innovation atmosphere was everywhere. What out of his expectation was that GDTEX as a state owned company has built up such systematic innovation platform concerning technology, marketing and management etc. The innovation platform contributed to promote GDTEX, the whole supplier chain, even the whole industry development. Thanks GDTEX! Their company would escort GDTEX development with their professional knowledge and skill.

      Hikari general manager Mr Wu made a comment after awarding the prize to the winner. He said the suggestion about ink curing was efficient, cost saving and innovation oriental. Besides, all of the awarded suggestions in this session accorded with innovation oriental. Congratulation to all of the winners!

      After that, the executive of general manager office hosted the ceremony of the supplier meeting reasonable suggestions collection activity. The management team of GDTEX awarded 6 prizes respectively to general manager office Liao Qun Li, divisionⅡ Guan Sheng Wei, divisionⅡ Li Dong Ying, key account division Huang Dan Na, divisionⅤ Lin Jie Qi, divisionⅧ Zhong Wei. We believed that all of these suggestions would contribute to organize a better supplier meeting in the future.

      The GDTEX management team awarded the prizes to the 6 winners


      The GDTEX president Mr Ling made a speech in the 25th session innovation conference

      In the end, GDTEX president Mr Ling gave a summary speech. Mr Ling extended congratulation to the winners and appreciated the hardworking of the innovation team led by Mr Yang. He was grateful for Hikari Mr Wu’s help to build up innovation platform together with GDTEX. Nowadays, our country encouraged people to start their own businesses and to make innovation. However, GDTEX was at the forefront since we have built up innovation platform already. To build up the innovation platform not only response to country’s appeal, but also meet the need of our company’s development. I would like to take this opportunity to propose two expectation. Firstly, I hoped the previous awarded innovation suggestions could be implemented. Secondly, GDTEX-HIKARI innovation platform could have sustainable development and could enhance the added value to GDTEX and the whole supplier chain.

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